Available Lands for Lease
As of End of September 2022
Sub Total0
18Area Back of MuseumBounded by M.A. Roxas Hwy.Lot 18-3B578None
and E. Jacinto StLot 18-3C300None
Lot 18-5A598None
Lot 18-5B561None
Lot 18-1E300None
19Area Back of LSGAlong R. Magsaysay Ave.Lot 19-11,195
Lot 19-22,612
Lot 19-33,173
20Former Welcome CenterAlong M.A. Roxas Hwy.Lot 2022,432
24Former Government OfficeAlong N. Aquino Ave.Lot 242,489
25Former WaterlympicsBounded by Ninoy Aquino Ave and M. A. Roxas Hwy.Lot 251,340Bldg. No. N5667 (364 sqm.)
26Former HospitalBounded by C. M. Recto Ave. and Centennial RoadLot 26-1A57,360Bldg. No. 3700 (19,843.31 sqm.)
Bldg. No. 3610 (207.16 sqm.)
Lot 26-1B6,709None
Lot 26-1C7,415None
Lot 26-1D 854 None
Lot 26-1E 2,535 None
Former Hospital 2Bounded by C. M. Recto Ave. and Centennial RoadLot 26-4A 16,494 Bldg. No. 3703 (778.56 sqm.)
Bldg. No. 3704 (808 sqm.)
Bldg. No. 3707 (341.27 sqm.)
Lot 26-4B 3,547 None
Lot 26-4C 2,831 None
Lot 26-4D 1,785 None
27M. A. Roxas Strip Near BinuloAlong M. A. Roxas HighwayLot 27-4 627 None
Lot 27-5 675 None
Lot 27-6 625 None
Lot 27-7 625 None
Lot 27-9 625 None
Lot 27-12 625 None
Lot 27-13 625 None
Lot 27-14 695 None
Lot 27-15 631 None
33Former Clark Trading CorporationBounded by Claro M. Reto and Centennial RoadLot 33 17,046
34Former SutherlandFriendship GateLot 34 30,000 None
35Former EldoradoBounded by P. Kalaw, Tandang Sora, H. Del Rosario and De Jesus St.Lot 35 12,945 Bldg. No. N3680 (6,855.27sqm.)
36Area Front of SPCAlong Panday Pira Ave.Lot 36-1 5,179 None
Lot 36-2 5,533 None
Lot 36-3 1,379 None
Lot 36-4 3,685 None
37Former Fun AvenueBounded by Lily Hill, Cory Hill and Gil Puyat Ave.Lot 37-1 11,088 None
39Former Clark InteriorBounded by Centennial Road and C. M. Recto Ave.Lot 39-18,970Bldg No. N5310 (2,930 sqm.)
Lot 39-32,856None
40Former Jade Duty FreeBounded by C. M. Recto Ave. and Centennial RoadLot 4011,816Bldg. No. 5275 (4,250 sqm. )
41Former Classique CarsAlong C.M. Recto Ave.Lot 41 2,457 Bldg. No. N3682 (592 sqm.)
42Former Allkey InternationalAlong G. Puyat Ave.Lot 42 9,205 Bldg. No. 5193 (669.92 sqm.)
43Former PalacekAlong Centennial RoadLot 431,344Bldg. No. 4021 (266.95 sqm.)
Bldg. No. 4022 (114.62 sqm.)
48Former AntevaBounded by C. M. Recto Ave. and J. Abad Santos Ave.Lot 48-1B20,338None
Lot 212,168None
Road Lot10,247
49Lower Pulang Lupa (Bernardo)Along Prince Balagtas Ave.Lot 49-179,787None
Lot 49-258,920None
Lot 49-312,995None
50Barn HouseAlong R. Cardinal Santos Ave.Lot 50-1948Bldg No. 2084 (342 sqm.)
Lot 50-2903Bldg No. 2085 (237 sqm.)
Lot 50-3779Bldg No. 2086 (285 sqm.)
Lot 50-4773Bldg No. 2087 (285 sqm.)
Lot 50-51,153Bldg No. 2088 (354 sqm.)
Sub Total13073
57Former Nice LogisticsAlong C. M. Recto AvenueLot 57 5,082 Bldg. No. N5418 (2,042 sqm.)
58Former TRSAlong C. M. Recto AvenueLot 58 4,166 None
59Former House of GoldAlong C. M. Recto AvenueLot 59 15,823
61Former Clark LibertyAlong C. M. Recto AvenueLot 61 18,689
Sub Total0
Grand Total13073
No.Site ProfileLocationLand Area (+/-) in sq.m.Existing Structures in sqm.
(click below for GIS Map)(click below to take you to its location)(Lot Information Plan)
3Former MicahAlong Manunggal ExtensionLot 32,085None
7Former Nayong PilipinoAlong Centennial RoadLot 765,086
12Former SavenciaAlong Prince Balagtas Ave.Lot 1252,857None
13Former Platinum Fox, Inc.Bounded by Manungal and Bayanihan St.Lot 134,399Bldg. No. N2821 (700 sqm.)

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